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6 advantages of elastomeric roof coating in Tucson AZ.

Excellent Waterproofing: Elastomeric roof coatings create a seamless, watertight barrier over the roof surface, effectively preventing water leaks and protecting your property against rain, monsoons, and other moisture-related issues common in Tucson.

Flexibility and Durability: Elastomeric coatings are designed to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and the movement of the underlying roof substrate. This flexibility allows them to withstand the extreme heat and thermal stresses experienced in Tucson, ensuring long-term durability.

Reflective Properties: Elastomeric coatings possess high solar reflectivity, meaning they reflect a significant amount of sunlight and heat away from the roof. This helps to keep the building cooler, reduce energy consumption for cooling, and alleviate the strain on HVAC systems.



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UV Resistance: Tucson's intense sunlight and UV radiation can cause roof materials to degrade over time. Elastomeric roof coatings are formulated with UV-resistant properties, providing an additional layer of protection against sun damage, including premature aging, cracking, and color fading.


Cost-Effective Solution: Elastomeric roof coatings offer an affordable alternative to roof replacement. By restoring and extending the lifespan of your existing roof, they can help you avoid the significant expense of a full roof replacement while still providing long-lasting protection.


Ease of Application and Maintenance: Elastomeric coatings are relatively easy to apply, saving time and labor costs during installation. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient choice for property owners in Tucson.

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